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In 1978, the brothers Gianni and Santo Versace decided to found the fashion house. After just over ten years, Donatella, his younger sister, also joined the company and was entrusted with the young Versace line: Versus.
The Versace collections have a very flamboyant style, disruptive, fun, always elegant and have been able to give life to real projects of clothing, aimed at enhancing a completely innovative femininity.
The brand's distinguishing feature is undoubtedly the prints that recall the Baroque and Hellenic art, showing the world a Gianni Versace capable of taming every scenario, both real and imaginary. Versace Jeans Couture is the clothing, accessories and footwear line that revisits the philosophy of the parent company, studied in every detail and color. The imprinting of a dynamic design and even more lively prints that follow a timeless thread: be barque everywere.